Contract Manufacturers Are Crucial to US Economic Recovery

Small Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers Are Crucial to US Economic Recovery American manufacturing has been one of the few bright spots of the economic recovery. Since February 2010, the industry has added more than 400,000 jobs. One of the most significant contributors to industry growth has been small job shops and contract manufacturers. With roughly […]

Manufacturing 2.0

Manufacturing Resurgence A year ago, NY Times published an article about the state of the manufacturing economy, referring to surveys they’d seen proving that after the collosal dump the world economy took on manufacturers in mid 2008, there was a surge in manufacturing in America, Britain, Europe, and Japan at the end of 2009. I […]

Contract Manufacturing Companies- Trust Issues

Contract Manufacturing Companies Trust Issues—Vol 1 How Can Contract Manufacturing Companies Use VAT To Rip You Off? One of USA’s most reputable contract manufacturers wants you to know that many contract manufacturing companies have a secret, hidden weapon whereby they can almost invisibly, but certainly in many cases unexpectedly increase your contract manufacturing cost: Value […]


In some countries, especially in Asia, per capita incomes have been moving quickly toward levels in the industrial countries since 1970. A larger number of developing countries have made only slow progress or have lost ground. In particular, per capita incomes in Africa have declined relative to the industrial countries and in some countries have […]

Plastic Manufacturing Processes

Plastic manufacturing processes are many, and numerous parts and products are made of plastics. The plastic manufacturing processes are Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding, Vacuum Forming Rotational Molding, Blown Film Extrusion, Compression Molding, Transfer Molding, Casting, Foaming, and whatever finishing or assembly process is necessary. Let Contech Int’l, in New Orleans, introduce you to top plastic […]

What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract Manufacturing Contract manufacturing is a process in which one company outsources a job to another company based on a contract, typically the creation of a specific item or product that is needed. There are many benefits to this type of outsourcing, and companies all over the world engage in contract manufacturing. By understanding the […]

Overseas Manufacturing

Minimize Overhead Costs with Outsource Manufacturing Manufacturers who are seeking to minimize their overhead costs and bring in more money may try a variety of different methods to achieve those things. One of the best ways that they can accomplish this is through the use of outsource manufacturing. When a company uses overseas manufacturing for […]

How Global Sourcing can Create Higher Profits for a Business

Most manufacturers spend a lot of time trying to think of how to cut back on costs and create higher profits. One of the ways a company can accomplish this is through global sourcing. Global sourcing is a method of outsourcing to areas where labor and ingredients are lower in cost, and to companies who […]