Manufacturing 2.0

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Manufacturing Resurgence

A year ago, NY Times published an article about the state of the manufacturing economy, referring to surveys they’d seen proving that after the collosal dump the world economy took on manufacturers in mid 2008, there was a surge in manufacturing in America, Britain, Europe, and Japan at the end of 2009. I hope that’s what your factory experienced, ’cause it’s not true for many! Anyhow, their analysis showed that after a year or so of good times, manufacturing in those countries is down again. See their chart…

Manufacturing Slump & Revival

Huffington Post reported at the beginning of February 2012 that there is a manufacturing revival that took off when Obama remarked, “huge opportunity at this moment to bring manufacturing back.” Huffington Post claimed in their piece that “manufacturing went from boring to buzzword overnight.” They cited a couple of guys who bought the dilapidated Faribault Woolen Mill Company, the oldest manufacturing entity in the state of Minnesota, and wrote that similar small manufacturers and entrepreneurs “may be the key to transforming manufacturing as we know it.”

What Is Manufacturing 2.0?

While wages in China are increasing 15 to 20% per year, I’m sure factory workers in America are less expectant of earning what they did in 1997, and due to George Bush’s recent Greater Depression, American wages will decrease, inciting new interest that entrepreneurs will have in opening small factories.

Factories will be less grunt work, more high-tech, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital manufacturing, and computerization like 3D printing technologies and 3D manufacturing.

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