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Wrist Roller

A famous, retired NHL pro hockey player had an idea for wrist workout equipment that would facilitate wrist exercises while being portable so athletes could take it with them when traveling. To make this wrist roller equipment small and light enough to be taken along on planes and other transportation, the product had to be made of plastic. Manufacturing companies had to obtain the desired specs and devise and submit plans for Rod Gilbert’s wrist roller production.

When Rod Gilbert was playing hockey as a youngster, and watching the pros play in NHL games, he noticed how hard other players shot the puck. He went home one day and manufactured his own wrist roller for wrist exercises out of stuff he had around the house. Gilbert didn’t think at the time that he’d eventually seek the help of plastic manufacturing companies to build a wrist roller that would be used by the sports playing public all over the world. He probably didn’t think he’d be scouted by a pro baseball team (Milwaukee Braves) or make it into the NHL (New York Rangers) either, but all those things came to fruition.

Plastic manufacturing is obviously not Rod Gilbert’s forte, but knowing what should be built for sports training is. Nobody makes anything like his wrist roller, so obviously some engineering and custom manufacturing was required to come up with a brilliant tool partly made of plastic. Manufacturing it was not easy, but the outcome is sure easy to use, and it’s a handsome piece of workout equipment for any gym, any age, to be used any time, any place.

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