Factory Automation

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A great way to decrease costs of goods sold, is to reduce labor costs for manufacturing. Since the second industrial revolution, we have experienced more and more factory automation, leading to robotics and other computerization. It’s like a form of outsourcing; previous manufacturing jobs are now performed by (outsourced to) machines.

Whenever there’s a loss of jobs, the new innovation that caused the loss of jobs is highly criticized. Robots introduced to production lines resulted in a huge outcry of protest and indignation. Outsourcing manufacturing overseas is another currently popular production tactic that is distasteful to the thousands of workers in richer countries who lose work when their jobs are outsourced.

When complaining about the current manufacturing trend of overseas outsourcing, consider that jobs have already been outsourced for decades. Outsourcing is nothing new. Instead of going to machines, the outsourced projects are going to other countries.

Things have to change. That’s evolution and progress, because with change comes innovation and growth. How does factory automation give us these things? Some ingenious engineering work and manufacturing goes into the building of the robots and computer operated machines that are on the production lines now, doesn’t it?  Well, those technologies are programmed by computer people, built with new computer chips and components etc. that some intelligent people have to come up with. With change, comes opportunity. A whole new industry was born to fulfill the change to robotics and computerized factory automation.

As Factory Automation Increases, Labor Costs Decrease

Could Factory automation further decrease the value of overseas manufacturing?

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